Moritz Berg

Moritz Berg (b. 1994) lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany.
His artistic practice is based on the study of perception and the aesthetic effects of a nature informed environment. Starting from common yet transient moments, his artworks focus on the development of a visual vocabulary that reflects the fast pace of everyday life and points out hidden qualities in supposed trivia.
Withal his paintings sound out the qualities of a symbiosis between man and nature by a spiritualization through abstraction, considering a union that merges specific qualities into a new understanding of being together.


2021 Phylactery, Gallery 46, London, UK
2021 Parallel Art Fair, Galerie Tassilo Usner, Vienna, AUT
2020 Colocation Soif, Soif, Düsseldorf, DE
2020 Regnosis, Lefki Savvidou, Nicosia, CYP
2019 Our First Ever Exhibition, Atelier Sonnenberg, Stuttgart, DE 2019 Spaetschicht, Bluetenreich, Heubach, DE


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