Thijs Zweers

Thijs Zweers graduated from the Artez art academy (Arnhem, The Netherlands) in 2010. Since then he has focused himself on a very peculiar translation of digital imagery to detailed graphite drawings. This almost anachronistic act brings about intriguing images of a reality that Zweers finds to be autonomous. 
While the digital world is a product of mankind, the individual now has little to no influence on its workings. He or she is subject to the laws and outward appearance of this alternate reality. 
The graphite drawings themselves look like elaborate studies by an internet-biologist. Supposing that everything put online stays online – and that everything online is connected to everything – one can see the digital world as an autonomous biotope. A domain in which a continual dialectic process creates a whole the individual 'user' only catches glimpses of. 
Zweers' impressions of these weightless images historicize the digital world that is so difficult to catch in time.